Our Franchisee Testimonials

Our franchisees are our family and we are dedicated to providing the best support. Don't just take our word for it, see what our franchisees have to say!

  • Helping People Be More Healthy

    The best part of running a Nékter Juice Bar is that you are helping people. You're helping people be more healthy and eat something that will make you feel good. At the same time, you are also feeling good! Providing a healthy product is very important to us and benefits others as well. We get pretty good support from Nékter Corporate, they help you with so much experience. Even if you don't need the support all the time, it's always good knowing they're there for you.

    - Carlo Cardenas

    La Jolla Franchise Partner
  • A Part of the Family

    This is my dream industry and wanted to partner up with a company that actually cares about franchisees and their personal growth. When we met with the entire Nékter team, we instantly felt like we were a part of the family. This was an extremely smooth journey for us, the Nékter team helped guide us during the real estate and leasing process. The support has been extremely helpful!

    - Sean Sehgal

    Redondo Beach, Brea, Santa Monica, & Pasadena Franchise Partner, 6 Locations
  • Healthy, Nutritious, & Full of Flavor

    As an environmental scientist, I've always been interested in sustainability and the power of healthy eating. Nékter offered that opportunity to me. I always see my customers leaving the store with a smile and they are happy about what they are putting into their bodies. I am proud to sell a product that is healthy, nutritious, and full of flavor.

    - Yuen Lepe

    La Jolla CA Franchise Partner, 3 Locations
  • Our Numbers Have Been Improving Every Day!

    I love the customers, I love what we sell, and I love what we do. Prior to becoming a Nekter franchisee, I was in real estate and banking. The switch to Nekter was based on the belief that our community needed access to healthier options. Our numbers have been improving every day since we've opened.

    - Daniel Hernandez

    CA Franchise Partner, 2 Locations
  • Serving the Community

    The most satisfying aspect of running a Nékter Juice Bar, it has a positive vibe. You're serving the community great nutrition and it's way more beneficial than other fast-food brands. People are becoming more aware of their health, so my store is getting busier. You notice lifestyles are changing and people want to find healthier products - which are driving my sales upwards.

    - Amit Wadhera

    Franchise Partner
  • Extremely Profitable in a Short Time

    An active lifestyle for me has been a staple for the last 10 to 15 years, and having an active lifestyle is directly correlated to what you eat because that’s what drives your energy levels. What I want to share is that lifestyle-based thinking. It’s really impacted my community and I’ve enjoyed sharing that knowledge. Tyler, Texas is not a huge market for health and fitness, but I’ll tell you what, just in the first 60 days being able to educate people and bring them in and have those types of conversations have been really cool as well as extremely profitable in a very short time period. For us to show that we can do just as much as juice bars in Orange County or the upper areas of Dallas, I think it says a lot about what Nékter can do and a lot about how this market is growing organically.

    - Derek Shaw

    Tyler & West Plano Franchise Partner
  • The Ability to Own Your Own Business

    Health and wellness have always been a part of my lifestyle. I have 15 years of experience in the foodservice franchise industry. It's not just about financial stability, you get the ability to own your own business and pass on health and wellness to the community. The best part of the Nékter culture is that it's such a fun environment.

    - Aman & Gagan Batta

    Southern California Franchise Partner, 17 Locations
  • An Immensely Rewarding Experience

    From the moment I tasted my first acai bowl at Nékter Juice Bar, I was hooked. It’s been an immensely rewarding experience to bring such a high-quality, health-conscious brand focused on innovation, its customers, and employees to my home state.


    - Andrea Young

    Fort Worth & Houston Franchise Partner, 10 Locations