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You have questions and we have answers! Take a look at our most commonly asked questions about Nékter Juice Bar franchise opportunities.


  • Q:How much do I need to open my first Nékter Juice Bar location?

    A:Our average franchise investment fee range is $226,000 – $684,600**: considerably lower than many other franchise opportunities in the Healthy Fast-Casual space! The initial franchise fee for a single Nékter location is $35,000. Additionally, qualified candidates must demonstrate that they have $100,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $400,000.

  • Q:How much money can you make owning a franchise with Nékter?

    A:We are proud to report a top quartile Average Gross Sales of $1,032,632* – a number that no other juice, smoothie, or acaí bowl franchise concepts can touch! For more detailed financial information on individual store locations, we invite you to complete our 5-minute Questionnaire to receive our FDD.

  • Q:Is there an ongoing fees for franchising with Nékter?

    A:Franchise Owners pay a weekly 6% royalty fee, 2% marketing fee, and 2% local marketing fee, which is average for franchises in the Healthy Foods segment.

  • Q:How does Nékter generate such high store sales?

    A:We believe our industry-leading store sales are a direct result of the immense health value we offer to our customers. Unlike our competitors, who position their sugar-laden, preservative-rich beverages as “health foods,” Nékter’s cold pressed juices, smoothies, and acaí bowls are the real deal. A health food concept that sells actually healthy products…it’s crazy, but it works!

  • Q:Why do customers seem to prefer Nékter over other smoothie and juice bar options?

    A:In addition to the inherent health benefits our customers know they are receiving from our fresh handcrafted juices, smoothies, and acaí bowls, Nékter prides itself on being a relaxed, healthy hangout for people who are committed to better living through nutrition. We’re never elitist, intimidating, or judgemental, like other health food franchises can be, and we make it clear that we support each customer’s individual wellness goals, whether they’re regulars or it’s their first time in our store. (It also doesn’t hurt that our products taste amazing!)

  • Q:How do you help me market my Nékter franchise?

    A:Our goal is to ensure that each Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owner capitalizes on our marketing programs by utilizing our brand power through localized marketing campaigns which include grand opening plans, local community tactical toolkit, event and catering programs, digital and social media platforms as well as local print collateral and signage. Our team of passionate marketers is here to assist in all aspects of marketing; advertising, public relations, social media, in-store creative, sponsorships and fundraising events.

  • Q:Does Nékter offer Multi-Unit Franchise agreements?

    A:We encourage our Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owners to own multiple Nékter locations and offer 2-10 pack multi-unit franchise agreements for qualifying candidates.

  • Q:I love the Nékter Life...but am more interested in entrepreneurship than day-to-day operations. Can I be a Semi-Absentee owner?

    A:Absolutely! Thanks to our strong economics, simple operations, and outstanding support, 90% of our Franchise Owners are Semi-Absentee, leaving them plenty of time to scale their business. One of our Franchise Owners in Southern California currently owns 12 Nékter Juice Bars and continues to grow!

  • Q:Am I eligible to own a Nékter Juice Bar Franchise without experience in the restaurant industry?

    A:Definitely- We don’t require our Franchise Owners to come to us knowing anything about juices, smoothies, or acaí bowls (or even how to pronounce acaí!) Our world-class franchise training and support will teach them everything they need to live the Nékter life. We do expect our Franchise Owners to have a strong background in business management, but it does not necessarily need to be in the food service or restaurant industries.

  • Q:What initial franchise training courses will I receive?

    A:All Franchise Owners and their General Managers will attend initial franchise training courses in either Arizona or California. Our franchise training program is for three weeks and includes 18 hours in a classroom and 80 hours of on-the-job training. During this time we cover our company culture, operations, customer service, products, management, marketing, IT, supply chain, and financial training. At the end of the training, Owners and Managers take an exam confirming they are ready to launch their new franchise business.

  • Q:How do I apply for a Nékter Juice Bar franchise?

    A:Simply complete our 5-minute Confidential Questionnaire to begin your juice bar franchise application process. Qualifying candidates will receive a call from a Nékter Franchise representative, who will talk with you about our business model, as well as find out more about you!

  • Q:How long does it take to open a Nékter Juice Bar location?

    A:Once you complete our Franchise Education Process and sign your agreement, you can expect a 6 to 12-month ramp-up time before your Nékter Juice Bar Franchise location is ready to open its doors.

  • Q:What are the best locations for a Nékter Juice Bar in my community?

    A:We find that the best places for a Nékter location are busy areas with lots of shops and high foot traffic. Locations in strip malls with grocery stores, pharmacies, or Starbucks locations as co-tenants tend to do well, as do vibrant, downtown, urban areas that combine innovative lifestyle businesses with high-density residential populated housing.


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