Alberto Guerrero’s Healthy Food Franchise in El Paso, TX

Alberto GuerreroWe’re pleased to introduce the latest Franchise Owner in our Nékter Juice Bar healthy food franchise family, Alberto Guerrero! Residents of El Paso, Texas can look forward to the grand opening of their first Nékter sometime later this year. We were able to learn more about Alberto and find out what led him to decide that owning a healthy food franchise like Nékter Juice Bar was the next step in an already-successful career.

Some people discover late in life that owning a business appeals to them, while others are born entrepreneurs. Alberto finds himself firmly in the latter camp, with vast knowledge and experience stemming from his many years as a business owner. As the proprietor of an online human resources company that focuses on the niche market of recruiting for manufacturing jobs in the El Paso region, as well as the owner of AirBnB vacation rental properties in Spain and Mexico, the Nékter opportunity is the latest in a long line of entrepreneurial endeavors for Alberto and his family.

“Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been an entrepreneur and it is the way I like to work,” Guerrero explains.

However, owning a healthy food franchise is an all-new experience for Alberto, whose other business successes don’t involve a brick-and-mortar storefront location. Despite it being a rather significant departure from his previous business ventures, he says he’s looking forward to trying something new. “Although having a store to the public is something new for me, the challenge seems interesting to me,” remarks Guerrero.

This new business opportunity will be something of a family affair for Alberto, who relied on input from his wife Karla and daughters during the process of looking at different franchises to invest in; out of the numerous opportunities they researched, Nékter was a clear winner for everyone in the family. “When concluding that this is the type of franchise that I want to develop, I started talking to Karla and my daughters to present this opportunity,” he recalls. “In other franchises, they had put some points against [them] and in this one, we all agreed. I believe that Nékter will be the franchise that will allow me to grow and diversify and include my family to operate and manage it.”

Finding a healthy food franchise that appealed to the entire family wasn’t the only thing that drew Alberto to the Nékter opportunity. He was pleased to discover that our commitment to healthy, all-natural ingredients was in total alignment with his family’s own attitudes toward health and wellness. “I think we are on the same page,” he says.

Guerrero’s personal passion for healthy eating mirrors what he sees as a growing trend among members of his community, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. He believes that now more than ever, people will place greater emphasis on what they put into their bodies in an effort to maintain good health. In fact, it was during quarantine that Alberto began thinking seriously about investing in a healthy food franchise.

“For a time I have thought about expanding and diversifying my businesses, and during the time of being confined by the COVID-19 virus, I thought it was time to accelerate this process,” he explains. “Times of crisis create opportunities and being locked up and confined gave me an opportunity to read about franchises, evaluating different types of franchises and the products they offer. I came to Nékter thinking that good nutrition and offering fresh products that help the health and immune system was something that had to start working.”

Not long after beginning his education process with Nékter’s franchise development team, Alberto and Karla were all set to meet our Founders and the rest of our Corporate team as part of their Discovery Day. However, due to travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, he would not be able to fly to our California headquarters and meet everyone in person, as previous Franchise Owners have been able to do. Instead, the Guerreros were hosted by our team via a virtual Discovery Day- a change that greatly impressed them as they were able to see, in real-time, how a Franchise Owner could potentially count on our Corporate team’s “speed of adjusting to new and challenging times.”

“Although it was a special time of pandemic they quickly sought to fix [the Discovery Day],” he recalls. “We connected with video conferencing applications and they answered all our questions.” He adds, “The people involved in the process have shown professionalism and extensive knowledge in their area.”

In addition to his confidence with the level of corporate support he’d be receiving, Guerrero was also impressed with a number of other factors that made him certain that the Nékter health food franchise opportunity was the right one for his family. “The fact of not having a kitchen simplifies the processes. The brand and presentation of the products look attractive and convincing. The healthy and fresh product is something that will be valid for a long time. The stores are modern and invite the customer to enter the healthy food space.”

Looking forward, Alberto anticipates a successful grand opening later this year, as long as he follows his own advice to aspiring new Franchise Owners: “Both for me and for new Franchise Owners, looking for a good location will yield better results.” He also is ready to put himself to work learning the ins and outs of owning a Nékter healthy food franchise through our in-depth three-week training program. “I believe that education will be essential,” he says, adding, “Following the guidelines of the franchise and doing what has worked in other places, establishing the brand in the community, will be essential for future growth.”

As Alberto and Karla work toward opening the doors to their brand new El Paso Nékter healthy food franchise location, he especially looks forward to building a strong following among the health and wellness devotees in his community. Among the things he’s most excited about accomplishing, he lists, “Having the satisfaction that customers will be able to recommend the Nékter Juice Bar store, knowing that their good recommendations will make us grow with a good reputation, and knowing that the products we offer will help you in your health and well-being.”

Have you, like Alberto, been feeling lately like you would enjoy taking your passion for healthy living and translating it into a potentially lucrative career? Owning a healthy food franchise like Nékter gives entrepreneurs the satisfaction of making a difference in the well-being of their fellow community members along with a high potential for returns on their investment. We’re on the lookout for fresh new talent like Alberto to help propel Nékter Juice Bar to household-name status and get more people across the country to start living the Nékter life.

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