Why A Healthy Food Industry Franchise is a Good Investment

Woman drinking a green drinkThe world seems to be changing every day during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this may seem like an uncertain time to launch a new business venture, the right industry and resources can help you succeed at growing your investment portfolio, finding a job you love, and creating a location that serves your local community.

Find out why becoming a Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owner can be a lucrative startup in the current market. Capture a share of the “eating healthy” foods market share and give back to your community with a clean eating lifestyle.

Why Start a Health Food Franchise During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many reasons to start a franchise instead of an independent business. As a proud Franchise Owner, you’ll enjoy far more support when you launch a business under a familiar brand name. Here are some other benefits to starting a franchise vs an independent business:

  • Support network
  • Financing assistance
  • Brand recognition
  • Product selection support
  • Training resources

A support network means everything. A startup business can be an incredibly lonely venture without a reliable support network, so work with a company that offers hands-on guidance, training information, and reliable connections whenever you have any questions. Don’t become a business owner in a vacuum but join a thriving Franchise Owner community.

Many Franchisors, including Nekter Juice Bar are providing assistance in the form of franchise financing options, products your customers will love, and training resources that help you train your employees. An efficient setup reduces much of the stress of starting a business.

The health food industry is expected to grow from $789 billion to over $811 billion from 2020 to 2021. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, or maybe in part due to it, millions of Americans are seeking healthy food alternatives throughout the day. This growing market encompasses a wide range of products and eating styles, so it’s important to work with a Franchisor that helps you find trending products. At Nékter, our juices, fruit smoothies, and açaí bowls bring together some of the most popular trends in clean eating and offer them in a convenient, easy-to-access setup for your customers.

A key feature in launching a successful startup in these times is keeping up with state COVID-19 orders. Stay up to date with this information with the help of your Franchisor. At Nékter, we can help you implement safety and sanitation standards that comply with state and federal orders and recommendations.

One way we help with compliance is our business model. As a fast-paced, takeout-order-focused business, it’s easier to operate at full capacity with a Nékter Juice Bar franchise than a fine dining location. Takeout ordering lends itself well to low-contact or contactless ordering and delivery, so you can keep your customers and employees safe while still delivering quality food, smoothies, and juices.

Laughing CoupleSteps To Start a Nékter Juice Bar Franchise

A Nékter Juice Bar franchise is surprisingly easy to start. Contact Nékter to start the process. Your location and the unique situation may change the steps, but here are the basic steps to launching a franchise:

  1. Choose the right brand
  2. Sign the Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owner agreement
  3. Find a location
  4. Secure funding
  5. Obtain insurance and permits
  6. Hire and train your employees
  7. Prepare for a successful opening day

Choosing the right brand is typically the hardest step of a franchise. As a Franchise Owner, it’s very difficult for you to change strategies once you sign on with a franchise. It’s essential to compare available models and determine which Franchisor is catering to current trends, local tastes and offers the support network you need.

Once you sign on with a particular Franchisor, look for a suitable location for your business. Your franchise family can help you with identifying the key features in a lucrative location. Balance affordability with ease of access. Consider your market and find a location where your customers can conveniently drive and walk to your new business. Work with a Franchisor that doesn’t just create a grab-and-go culture but also encourages customers to stick around and create a community on your property.

Funding franchise opportunities is crucial. All Franchisors have a different amount of recommended funding. Some require very little to get started, while others are more of an upfront investment. Don’t get sticker shock over the initial cost of a franchise: instead, ask about financing plans and the average income of a successful franchise location.

A franchise, particularly in the health food industry, requires a number of permits and insurances. Your Franchisor can help you identify the required permits and paperwork for your state, city, and specific neighborhood. Be sure you have all the necessary paperwork to avoid delaying your grand opening.

Finally, it takes a committed team to create a thriving business. Carefully select talented, committed, and friendly employees in your area to put your best foot forward. Your franchise location can virtually run itself with the right team of managers and employees, so select the best in your area to enjoy a friendly, efficient atmosphere. A quality Franchisor makes your job easier by offering instructional resources and an efficient business model.

Work with the Nékter Juice Bar franchise family to launch a business without spending time and resources in some of the more difficult business ownership aspects. Working with Nékter Franchise gives you access to materials and design concepts that are already proven to work. Here are just a few ways that Nékter takes care of for your franchise:

  • Designing marketing and promotional materials
  • Building the brand name
  • Creating popular recipes

These steps are incredibly time-consuming for most independent businesses. At Nékter Juice Bar, we already have winning recipes and a brand that is proven to work. With an average store sales of $951,771, our juice bar and smoothie Franchise Owners are proof that you can launch a successful health food industry franchise during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Key Features of a Successful Franchise Owner

“It’s an exciting and unprecedented time to be investing in the food and beverage space,” says Jordan Gaspar, co-founder at AccelFoods. While current events may be altering industries in big ways, the health food industry is still growing. According to Gaspar, plant-based protein is a primary trend expected to grow in the industry in years to come.

As a Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owner, you’ll already have one of the most important features of a successful Franchise Owner: targeting a trend in your industry. Beyond that, you’ll need to practice these traits to be a successful member of the Nékter Franchise Owner family:

  • Passion for your community
  • Willingness to train employees
  • Ability to follow Nékter steps to success
  • Resourcefulness to overcome obstacles

In the end, it’s all about providing healthy options for your local community. If you don’t have a passion for giving back to your community, you aren’t enjoying the best benefits of being a food franchise business owner. Offering fresh vegetables, tasty fruit juices, and a menu full of real, natural food is a refreshing change to many dining options in most communities.

Operating a Nékter Juice Bar franchise is far easier than other healthy foods investments. Because there are no fryers, grills, or other appliances, it’s much easier to train your customers. This process requires an investment of your time, but a friendly, well-trained staff can manage and operate your store on their own.

We have the road to success already mapped out for you. Unlike opening an independent store, a Nékter Juice Bar franchise location has many problems already solved. Simply follow our guide and resources to take advantage of one of the most successful franchise concepts in the world. If you have any questions, there’s an entire Nékter family to assist you.

Owning your own business will always come with some risk and some obstacles. It’s essential to minimize risks, but you’ll still need to overcome some challenges to create a successful business. The right training and support community can mean all the difference, so stay determined, envision your goal and remember that you have a Nékter family to support you in the event of a disaster or obstacle.

Active person drinking a juiceAdvantages of Choosing a Health Food Franchise

Many individuals in your community are craving healthy alternatives. While natural food products only represent about 10.5% of the food industry, they account for 29.3% of recent growth across the industry. This trend means that you can expect an even greater demand for fresh, natural products in the years to come.

Like Nékter Juice Bar Franchise, a health food franchise also comes with the benefit of real, transparent ingredients. Transparency is another growing trend in the food industry in general, and the health food industry is more than happy to provide it. We use no-nonsense ingredients in Nékter menu items. Our juices and smoothies, and acai bowls have every ingredient listed on the menu, so there aren’t any surprises when your customers order a juice for a refreshing breakfast or rejuvenating lunch.

Current events cause many communities and health food investors to have a renewed focus on health and safety. A health food restaurant can help come alongside community members and offer fresh food options for holistic health. From cleansing juices to tasty bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables, a lifestyle of clean eating can actually improve your mental health. This is just one of the ways that a fruit-and-vegetable-focused restaurant can give back to your community during COVID-19.

Many franchises offer items that may be low cost but don’t focus on the lifestyle choices that are best for your community. Unless you feel your neighborhood needs another burger joint or inexpensive retail store, a health food industry franchise can be the ideal addition to the local economy in your area.

Why Nékter Juice Bar Is a Leading Health Food Option

Now that you’re determined to start a health food franchise and you understand the basic steps of launching a franchise, it’s time to discover why Nékter Juice Bar is a great franchising option. Here are some of the main reasons why you should join the Nékter family instead of launching your own juice or health food store:

  • Award-winning franchise model
  • Commitment to growth and flexible scheduling
  • Continued support
  • Lucrative, honest menu items
  • Lifestyle-centered approach

Winner of the “Best Buy in Franchising,” “Fastest Growing Companies,” and “Top 100 Movers and Shakers” awards, among many others, Nékter is a competitive company with a thriving business model. As our team and our individual Franchise Owners continue to grow and become more successful, this is a great opportunity to choose a business model that works.

We want you to be a successful business owner. Join the Nékter family and take advantage of our support system and simple business model to free up your schedule. After a successful launch, many of our Franchise Owners have the freedom to launch other ventures and spend free time enjoying their franchise success.

Some Franchisors stop at the business launch. At Nékter Juice Bar, we continue to support you through your entire ownership of your Nékter Juice Bar location. With over 44 corporate-owned locations, we’re committed to keeping the business model efficient and lucrative.

Part of our real-world support is through continued menu innovation. We’re not banking our entire franchise on a single menu item, but continue to craft refreshing, in-demand natural menu items using healthy, natural ingredients. This is part of how we’ve established a loyal following.

Another key piece in building a following is a lifestyle-centered approach. Being part of the Nékter family isn’t just about drinking smoothies and eating açaí bowls. Work with your customers to kick off an entire lifestyle change. Be the location that started a new workout resolution, clean eating challenge, or full lifestyle change. This holistic approach helps us build a committed community that sees your store as a community gathering place.

Woman drinking a juiceTrends in the Health Food Industry

Capture part of your local market by staying ahead of health food trends. Modern trends include must-have ingredients, but also a whole range of dietary options that are increasing in popularity. Here are some healthy food trends you should know about in 2020 and how Nékter Juice Bar can help you keep up with the times:

  • Increased vegetable consumption
  • More dairy alternatives
  • Increased demand for gut-friendly food options

We’ve got vegetables covered. More consumers are turning to vegetable-based products and products that have recognizable ingredients. A recent International Food Information Council Foundation survey found that 63% of consumers prefer foods with recognizable ingredients in them. Our smoothies, juices, and açaí bowls are naturally packed with veggies and use only pronounceable ingredients.

Dairy-free living is on the rise. Lactose-intolerant or -adverse consumers are looking for new milk options that don’t include dairy or soy. Oat and cashew milk are two popular alternatives in 2020. Many Nékter Juice Bar menu items feature homemade cashew milk. This provides the protein and rich base that smoothies need, without the lactose of cow’s milk.

Detoxifying is another popular trend in the health food industry. Menu items with probiotics offer the gut-friendly boost many customers are looking for. Take advantage of this trend with Nékter Juice’s probiotic menu items.

Learn More About Nékter Juice Bar Today

Don’t settle for a generic food franchise business- take advantage of industry trends in 2020. While the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many areas of your life and community, it shouldn’t prevent you from launching a Nékter Juice Bar franchise when your community needs it most. Be sure to stay on top of state guidelines for safely opening and operating a restaurant, but you can be confident that the Nékter business model can still provide a safe, successful franchise during these times.

Learn more about becoming a Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Owner today to invest in a successful business venture. Starting a new business may be a risk but owning a Nékter franchise means joining one of the world’s most successful franchise models. Find out how you can become a successful business owner while providing products and services you can take pride in with Nékter.

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Build a legacy of health and wellness by opening a Nékter Juice Bar franchise in your community. Visit our franchise website for more information.

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