Best Franchises for Veterans

Are you a Veteran looking for a smoothie business opportunity or a juice bar franchise? Or just a healthy franchise opportunity in general? Look no further than Nekter Juice Bar! Aspiring business owners, including Veterans, can benefit greatly from joining a franchise system, as it provides a proven business model and a support network to help you succeed.


Veterans are uniquely qualified for entrepreneurship, with their grit, determination, analytical skills, and leadership ability. They have a proven track record of reliability and decisiveness, which are essential qualities of a successful franchisee. At Nekter Juice Bar, we recognize the sacrifices and contributions of our military Veterans and offer a special military Veteran's discount.If you're interested in joining the Nekter Juice Bar franchise system as a Veteran, you'll be happy to know that we offer a competitive startup cost and franchise fee. You'll also be eligible for a discounted franchise fee, which can help you get started on your entrepreneurship journey.If you qualify for our military Veteran's discount, we will offer you a 20% discount off of the Initial Franchise Fee for your first store. To be eligible for this discount, Veterans must have received a discharge (other than dishonorable) as well as any active duty personnel. Additionally, if the franchisee is a corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity, the veteran participant must maintain at least a 51% ownership interest in the entity to qualify for this discount. To apply for the discount, you must provide us with a copy of form DD-214, reflecting your military status, before the Franchise Agreement is signed.Nekter Juice Bar is a top franchise opportunity for Veterans, with strong name recognition and a robust, nationwide presence. It has excellent ratings on VetFran's opportunity database and offers generous discounts and incentives for veterans who join their franchise system. By joining our franchise system, you will have access to our proven business model, marketing and operational support, and a community of fellow franchisees to learn from and grow with.

All Veterans looking for a smoothie franchise or juice bar business opportunity should consider joining the Nekter Juice Bar franchise system. With their proven business model, strong name recognition, and incentives for Veterans, Nekter Juice Bar is a great choice for Veterans who want to start their own business. Don't forget to take advantage of our military Veteran's Franchise Discount!